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Bust n' Boom, baby!

I'm the real deal; your one hundred fifty point snitch

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PREAMBLE (to.the.first)

Name: Jaise
Nicknames?: JJ; Jay
Birthday: November 14th 19--
Gender: Female
Status: Single
(Current) Fandoms (in a certain order): Ouran Highschool Host Club; Count Cain/Godchild; Honey and Clover; DOGS; Kyou Kara Maou; Prince of Tennis; Final Fantasy (all); Kingdom Hearts; Mushishi; Bleach;
Journal: I post fics (as well as sometimes original works). This journal is as much my personal journal as well as my creative harbor. I probably love you very much already so friend me and I'll friend you back (my policy? Just don't be rude because I will retaliate).

UNABRIDGED (to.the.second.SQUARED)

JAISE: this is me. I'm born November 14th, a Scorpio with Bloodtype B. I was born in the USA, New York City, lived in London, England, and have my roots back in Taipei, Taiwan. By default they are my favorite places. I'm troubled, sporadically whacked out and kind of freaky-deaky. I love to write (repeat this twenty five thousand times for emphasis) and roleplay. I love to work, I love to work, I love to work after work. I love to design clothing and buildings (because obviously they have a lot to do with each other) which put to use my particularly good sense of color. I love people: all the time, any time, anywhere, anyhow (although there are exceptions). I love buying little accessories I don’t really need and taking pictures of…everything.

I freelance everything. I romp the planet like a natural disaster. I’m nice (not really) and easy to bribe and easy to please (really, really). I have the habit of just disappearing to places nobody’s ever heard about and coming back completely unannounced. I have a very crooked view on several issues and am the kind of person who would name their kid Wonderbread. Yes, everything I say somehow sounds sarcastic even when I don’t mean it. I’m kind of manipulative and kind of biased. I’m the kind of person who always returns your calls. So go ahead hon, ring me up.

SIGHTSEEING (to.the.third.CUBED)

The stamped-as listing
lilalohari is my TWIN AND PARTNER IN CRIME YEEAAUUHH all thanks to twins_lj!

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