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Bust n' Boom, baby!
I'm the real deal; your one hundred fifty point snitch
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20th-Aug-2006 08:41 am - When I want to RP - NO JOKE
Teaaaa?; Hitachiin Kaoru
[mood| giddy]
[music| Avenue Q Soundtrack - If You Were Gay]

So I re-watched Tenimyu DL3 today. AHHH ♥. Cue incoherency here.

...does anybody know of any good (AU preferably. Like...not focused on just...tennis) Tenipuri RPs? That arn't dead?

OK...AY then. Let's change the question: Does anybody want to START an AU Prince of Tennis/TeniPuri (what have you for the title) RP with me?
Nothing to gain and everything to lose;
[mood| determined]
[music| Nerina Pallot - Everybody's Gone to War]

Seeing that November is coming up, this calls for a few wake up call reminder notes.

1. Woah birthday on the 14th. Dang, I'm getting old.

2. Already a few months into the school year. And I expect it to be good stuff. Cause last year was BS and I'll admit I regretted an awful lot of that time. Lots of stuff. Most stuff. That will not repeat again. I can't afford it. And because obviously I've got MAD WILL POWER YEAH.

3. NANOWRIMO 2007.

Speaking of which: Who's joining? If so, please leave a comment and your NaNoWriMo user name or something so I can look you up and buddy you. I like the feeling of company in my insanity.

[PS. Thanks to all those who replied to my desperate cry of teenage angst last post. I'm pretty much straightened out now. LOVES AND KISSES TO ALL.]
13th-Aug-2006 08:41 pm - When my heart weighs heavy
Off fighting the champ with a glass jaw;
A question to all those high school seniors and/or college students (who have been through this obviously):

So. Are AP courses really all that important? Like, is it a must for somebody to take 5 AP classes to look good enough for a good college (I'm not talking Ivy League) to accept them? You know? Cause, I only have 1.

And I mean, I guess, the biggest problem is that I dropped AP US history. Which would have given me 2 APs (that plus English. So 2). But. Last year I really couldn't handle APUS. My end of the year grade was B-. Way too close for comfort. But, you know. Right now, I'm just bushed and confused and really very depressed. Help?

9th-Aug-2006 05:19 pm - When I take the bait SRLSY
A claim to fame;
[mood| crazy]
[music| BLEACH OST - Battle Ignition]

...When it only takes me two hours to rip through five volumes of a certain fandom...that's a sign. YA RLY.


D. Gray-Man = LOVE ♥

We win. Again; Hitachiin Twins
[mood| cranky]
[music| Imogen Heap - Goodnight and Go]

Way to start the morningCollapse )

Okay so my summer school is finally done and over with (my last test was 20 questions none of which I could answer. That burned). And now my time will be composed of my summer homework for school (Moby Dick essay wtf) and juggling family issues as well as reviewing all my summer school work so I don't up and drop it like third period Spanish.

I've opted to make my entires short. Minus the LJ cuts. As if anybody reads them anyway.

Oh yeah and thanks to howsockgothappy for replying to my cry for a beta last post. I'll think about it, you seem cool (it's just that right now I've been so wiped out I don't have much of anything for you to read yet). =D

Lagging on the fics. I know. I know. (It's okay lilalohari. Take your time on your art too. I still have to catch up XP).

Maybe I should go online more often?


Well. It certainly wasn't as good as I thought it'd be. Though the beautiful people make me squirm.

Cousins and relatives coming tomorrow! It's gonna be crowded here. XD

Project Runway last night = omglove.

Teaaaa?; Hitachiin Kaoru
...but first: a friending meme with a twist. Because (a) a lack of things to do on my part and (b) my body fails to function after ten thousand hours of summer school. Thus this. But also because I'm just curious.

Because I love you and know where you liveCollapse )

Also! I've been signing up for various crazy fiction writing related communities/challenges (most of which I hope to progress at least somewhat in). Some of them are fan fiction, some of them are original fiction. And the thing is, I'd really like a beta reader (I mean, not only do you get to undergo continual torture from my so-called pieces of literature, we'll also get to know each other and bugger the heck out of one another. Sounds FUN huh poppet?). If you'd only like to do original fiction (I write...a vast amount of things although I usually stick with normal fiction with a sprinkle of fantasy on occasion), that's fine. I could settle with one beta for fan fiction and one for original fiction. Or if you'd like to do both, great. Hearts to you. Basically, I'd just like feedback and suggestions. Constructive criticism. The works.
A claim to fame;
[mood| morose]
[music| John Mayer - Wheel]

The past few days might have been just peachy if not for:

A. I was sick. Everything that went into my mouth came right back out - although in a much less desirable fashion. And I didn't lose any weight. I gained nothing for my suffering (cue sad!omgnoes face).
B. It was a sweltering 13589475 degrees outside and inside. NYC: screwing you over BBQing you alive since 1892.

Also, I've been writing two different original pieces (one of which I will have to pick for NaNoWriMo soon) and I've been thinking that maybe I'll post them? No clue guys - who likes to read original (e)fiction?

In Jaise!Fandomland news, yes - I know Ouran 15 is out and subbed but I'm saving it for tomorrow (when I'm in a good mood) when I'm not this exhausted. I want to enjoy myself darn it, not be in such a zombie like state. Like now.

I actually kind of want to play KHII. Why does everything have to cost so much in America? Or on the other hand: why does Asian culture restrict the purchase of items to only when they are on sale?...like six years later? Oh my heart.

Finally fixed up the profile page a bit. Still not too happy with it. Will tweak later.

...so who here likes to cosplay? And do any of you live near NYC? The Eastcoast? Anywhere that's not someplace not here (woah)? Cause. You know. I'd love to cosplay. In a group. I can't do this alone. It's like world domination. Tis not a one man show, yo.
14th-Jul-2006 05:41 pm - When I Win - Literally!
We win. Again; Hitachiin Twins
[mood| hyper]
[music| Alanis Morissette - Wunderkind]

*Bursts out laughing* HEY WORLD GUESS WHAT. No really, guess. Well. Okay. Remember the ouranhostclub's fanfiction contest? Yes? Well. Interestingly enough, I won. That's right. Let's hear that again: I WON (I even get a nice spiffy banner! Oh god, the bragging rights. Hah). Let us pop the champagne now! (Oh lilalohari, you must be so proud of me. LOOK HOW FAR YOUR LOWLY PARTNER IN TWINCESTY CRIME WRITER/TWIN HAS GONE!). Terribly exciting, really! And thus, without further ado, I bring you the trophy fic itself (although oddly enough, though I worked hard on it, I have been a bit shy about posting this one. No reason...perhaps I thought I could have done better. Alas). Not only does this mark my uh...return to LJ (since I have been on a rather long hiatus for...a while now) it also will hopefully bring you all a nice little weekend treat (if of course, superior!omg!angst tickles your fancy).

Title: Brothers in Arms
Author: takkey
Rating: PG-13 (for angst)
Pairing: Hikaru/Kaoru
*Theme: “Beat the Summer Heat”
Disclaimer: OKHC and the boys belong to Bisco Hatori.
Lately at night, Kaoru lies on his back and listens to his city suffer.Collapse )
28th-Jun-2006 06:19 pm - When I fume
A claim to fame;

(I mean, if you do, are you willing to upload a few songs for me?)
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